Yae Miko | Realistic Genshin LORA – stable diffusion AI 绘画关键词

Prompt TXT2IM
1girl, kpop idol,yae miko,detached sleeves, bare shoulders, pink hair, long hair, open clothes, best quality, (hair ornament:1.35), jewelry, purple eyes, earrings, torii, cherry blossoms, lantern light, depth of field, detailed face, face focus, ribbon_trim, nontraditional miko, shiny skin, long sleeves, smile, east asian architecture, (blurry background:1.2), sitting, perfect artwork, perfect female figure, perfect anatomy, unique, (sexy:1.1),<lora:yaeMikoRealistic_yaemikoMixed:0.6> <lora:hongkongdolllikeness_v15:0.1> <lora:koreanDollLikenesss_v10:0.3> ,ulzzang-6500-v1.1
Negative prompt
NG_DeepNegative_V1_75T, EasyNegative ,paintings, sketches, (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), lowres, normal quality, monochrome, skin spots, acnes, skin blemishes, age spot, bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality, signature, watermark, username, blurry, bad feet, (deformed iris, deformed pupils, semi-realistic, cgi, 3d, render, sketch, cartoon, drawing, anime:1.4), close up, cropped, out of frame, worst quality, ugly, duplicate, morbid, mutilated, extra fingers, mutated hands, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn face, mutation, deformed, blurry, dehydrated, bad proportions, extra limbs, cloned face, disfigured, gross proportions, malformed limbs, missing arms, missing legs, extra arms, extra legs, fused fingers, too many fingers, long neck, photo by bad-artist, over contrast.







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