Midjourney v5 going to try to release this week

Just received a message from Midjourney v5 below,looking forward to it very much:


Hi @everyone we’re going to try to release v5 this week. You’ve been super helpful so far with the previous image ratings. We’re nearly done! But we need a little more help with one last community-wide rating-party <:Rocket:583000939078746112>

If you’re a paying MJ member, please help us rate images from each of the following URLs:

Activity 1: Comparing very different images

Activity 2: Comparing similar images

Please rate images from both activities
(if you like one activity way more feel free to focus on that).

Everything is the same as before. Please pick the image you like better!

Detailed Directions

  • You’ll be shown two images at a time
  • Please select the one that you like more
    (based on your own personal aesthetic taste)
  • You’ll get the best rating experience on mobile
  • On PC you can use the 1 and 2 keys to select images (1 is left, 2 is right)
  • If you see NSFW images click the report (caution icon) in the upper right

**Please Note: **

  • These images are not representative of the final V5 algorithms we will release soon
  • These images are still kinda plain/boring/unopinionated to help the system ‘learn’ its next style
  • You’ll notice images are higher resolution and have better detail + stylistic range than v4
  • If you’re worried about quality check out images from the pre-v4 rating-party as a comparison to today’s v4 https://www.midjourney.com/rate/aazto/

These ratings are very serious please try your best to provide us with good data.

If you think any of the images are cool feel free to share in <#1083132446805073920>

Thanks again! We hope you’ll all enjoy playing with V5 soon








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