AI 绘画关键词生成器使用前后生成图像效果对比

下面是使用该 AI 绘画关键词生成器前后生成的图像对比,在画质美感上有明显提升

使用该 AI 绘画关键词生成器前生成的图像:

使用该 AI 绘画关键词生成器前生成的图像

Midjourney 关键词:

a cute shabby pile of books illustration, fits in the proposition, hyper detailed, flowers, watercolor, illustration, Artstation Trending, Hyper-Detailed Colorful Intricate Generative Line, arthouse, illustration, hyper realistic, Large Realistic Highly Detailed, intricate detail, –ar 2:3 –v 5

把上面的关键词放入该 AI 绘画关键词生成器以后生成的图像

使用该 AI 绘画关键词生成器以后生成的图像

Midjourney 关键词:

a professional photographer, I capture the beauty of a cute shabby pile of books illustration, fitting perfectly in the proposition. This hyper-detailed artwork is bursting with colors and intricate generative lines, bringing it to life in8K HDR best quality. The flowers add a touch of whimsy, painted in a watercolor style that complements the overall arthouse vibe. The illustration is hyper-realistic, with large, highly detailed elements that draw the viewer in to explore every intricate detail. This Artstation Trending piece is a true masterpiece in the realistic scene style. –ar 2:3 –v 5

对比上面两张图像,第二张图片色彩较为丰富,无论背景色、明暗对比都较强烈,整体画面呈现出一种比较温暖、自然的感觉。由此可以看出,AI 绘画关键词通过不同的处理方式,可以呈现出完全不同的效果。






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